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Interactive Whiteboards

Business environments are constantly changing and technology is adapting to meet the new needs of the work place. Electronic Whiteboards have become the revolutionary means for effective communication and efficient meetings.

The Panaboard system from Panasonic can even further the productivity of your meetings with the touch of a button. By simply pressing the copy button, you immediately receive a crisp, clear opy of everything written on the Panaboard. Meeting attendees can focus on the meeting and non on taking notes. Everyone receives the same notes in seconds, with no miscommuication, no omissions and no erros. You can even scan the notes directly to your computer via an optional PC interface.

For greater versatility, we carry the full line of Interactive Whiteboards from Panasonic. They allow for powerful presentations, effective learning, dynamic meetings, and provide a cost-efficient and real-time global teleconferencing solution.

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Case Study
In today's fast-paced business environment, interactive whiteboards provide a cost effective and real-time global teleconferencing advantage. From Remote PC operation that lets you use an electronic pen like a mouse to email distribution of board notes, interactive whiteboards offer all the options to keep your ideas and information flowing.
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