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Telepacer is an industry leader in Phone Systems, Copiers & Multi-Functional Printers, and Interactive Whiteboards. Whether you need a cordless phone and printer for your home, an extensive business phone system with 30 lines and over 300 extensions, or an industrial copier with an interactive whiteboard all for your office, we provide unified communcation solutions for all platforms.

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Getting the job done has never been easier!
Representing the first generation of A4 Business color Multi-Function Printers: the Panasonic DP-MC210 is the newest member to Panasonic's line of multifunction office products. The compact, high performance design of the DP-MC210 makes it a perfect fit for a single office worker or a group of office workers who require network color printing, scanning, copying and faxing capabilities. The single-pass tandem print engine incorporated into the DP-MC210 ensures reliable device operation and consistent image quality, while lowering operating costs and simplifying maintenance.
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Panasonic recently introduced their latest touch-screen interactive whiteboard.  With its large 83-inch screen and Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology, its stunning visual presentation is simply captivating.   
The elite Panaboard is an advanced presentation and educational tool that helps you grab anyone’s attention. It makes it easy to create effective, eye-catching teaching materials and it promotes active, visual-based teaching and learning that makes the boardroom or classroom fun! Panasonic and the elite Panaboard open the door to a new kind of active, visual-based education.
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In today's fast-paced business environment, interactive whiteboards provide a cost effective and real-time global teleconferencing advantage. From Remote PC operation that lets you use an electronic pen like a mouse to email distribution of board notes, interactive whiteboards offer all the options to keep your ideas and information flowing.
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